What do your customers think about your products and after service?

You may deliver a brilliant product or service, but sadly poor after-care support, poor distribution or vice versa! Yes Response can provide a bespoke customer satisfaction survey (multi-channel – email, postal, telephone) to measure your customers opinions. Whilst scores out of ten are important, the opportunity for the survey recipient to provide supporting narrative can be more meaningful and powerful than simple scores. Equally, acting upon and engaging with recipients on their feedback is important and enables a meaningful customer engagement on both positive and negative feedback. The survey can also be used to benchmark your customers perceptions on your competitors against your business.

Yes Response can deliver customer satisfaction surveys as an ongoing programme or as a one off ad hoc exercise to gauge customer feedback. Remember, negative feedback can be turned into a positive outcome. In the current economic climate and with immense competition for market share, knowing your customers opinions is mightily important. So, if you would like to explore the possibilities; Yes Response can provide an overview and costed programme without obligation.

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