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A comprehensive range of direct marketing services to support sales growth

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In these challenging times, all businesses need to ensure that they are maximising sales opportunities from customers and prospective customers. If you need help or advice for you and your distributors to maximise all potential opportunities, then please speak to Yes Response as we offer a comprehensive range of customer communications and fulfilment solutions to help you achieve this.

These include database services to set up and/or cleanse your customer and prospect databases, as well as appending additional details such as email addresses. Our varied range of mailing services enable you to cost-effectively and efficiently communicate with your contacts – your own ‘salesman in print’ – whether you want to provide them with an up-to-date catalogue of your products or services, a postcard promoting your latest offers or any other mail item. We also offer email communication management, as many customers and prospects now prefer to receive information via this method.

Telemarketing is also a key tool which proves highly effective for many of our clients. We offer both inbound and outbound telemarketing, along with response handling, market research, mail order fulfilment, customer satisfaction programmes and rewards sourcing and fulfilment.

And of course, unique promotional codes can be implemented in all projects so that campaigns can be monitored and activity attributed to these initiatives.

Speak to us at Yes Response today about our range of direct marketing response services, and how they can help you and your distributors to maximise business opportunities – call 01889 561 400 or email

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The importance of data verification and validation

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With the rising costs of postage, it is important to ensure that money is not being spent in waste by sending communications to contacts or addresses that are incorrect or out of date. Verifying and validating data is crucial in reducing this wastage. Yes Response work closely with our clients to help them to cleanse their existing data. This includes checks against national databases to remove and/or update addresses for those records which have moved home as well as checks to remove the details of contacts that have deceased.

Our in-house telemarketers also complete projects to verify business to business details by telephone. These checks can include the addition of email addresses to records, providing an opportunity for multi-channel communications and enabling contacts to set a communication channel preference. Unlike high volume telesales phone calls, the professional and efficient process of telemarketing maintains your company’s reputation, enhances your data and improves relationships with customers or prospects, and may even trigger a sales enquiry.

If you need help with your data verification and validation, do not hesitate to contact Yes Response today on 01889 561 400 or to discuss your requirements.