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The last 3 months has seen ever increasing levels of activity with shortened lead times for our diverse range of clients. Telephone orders and orders via post for a traditional mail order gift catalogue business have jumped considerably-processing in excess of 150 telephone orders and 50-60 post orders with cheques each day. In addition we undertook three unusual projects; the collation and mailing of rain gauges to 1500 arable farmers, making up 2500 Easter egg presentation boxes and the distribution to independent insurance brokers and making up 6000 sanding disc sample sets for distribution in a vehicle body shop trade magazine.

Why not use the skills and expertise of Yes Response to support your company activity and sales growth cost effectively. Our fulfilment services includes a telemarketing team, mail order and e-fulfilment, response handling, POS storage and distribution, lettershop and kit collation, customer satisfaction programmes, proof of purchase redemptions, product sampling, database management and customer complaints management.