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The power of properly managed telemarketing

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When managed and handled properly, telemarketing can be an incredibly powerful tool. Many companies send out brochures or mailings to customers or prospects and do not follow up these communications. By following up these communications with the right telemarketing approach, namely a low pressure conversation that builds the relationship, telemarketers can be instrumental in converting prospects to customers or securing additional sales. Telemarketers can be effective ‘salesmen’, but with a non-aggressive approach that helps to create and identify the opportunities and leads for the sales team.

The success of this approach has been proved by Yes Response in the work that we undertake on behalf of our clients. For example, our telemarketing work for E H Hassell and Sons Ltd, a supplier of equipment in the waste and metal recycling sector, has made an accountable and significant contribution to sales through identifying potential sales opportunities following a mailing. These opportunities are then forwarded to the client’s sales team who provides quotes for machinery, and further follow-up telemarketing activity is then undertaken to seek feedback on these quotes, helping to convert these leads to sales.