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The Royal Mail has dubbed today as “Takeback Tuesday”, as people go back to work and take their unwanted packages into a Post Office for return to the retailer. Returns were expected today to be double the December average making it the busiest online returns day of the year!

At Yes Response we offer you a slick fulfilment operation, one that is of uppermost importance in every growing retail online business.  With a deluge of online purchases and gifts being returned on a daily basis, we realise how important it is to deliver a cost effective and efficient service which includes a dedicated returns service too.  You may only need some elements of our expertise or the whole integrated order receipt, processing and fulfilment service.

Contact Yes Response now to see how we can deal with your fulfilment needs in a timely and cost effective way! Yes Response’s fulfilment service includes a telemarketing team, mail order and e-fulfilment, response handling, POS storage and distribution, lettershop and kit collation, customer satisfaction programmes, proof of purchase redemptions, product sampling, database management and customer complaints management.