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The importance of a robust postal service

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As evidenced from the BBC Panorama programme on Monday 26th February – the Royal Mail are sadly failing the general public and indeed business in their poor performance. We are paying for a first-class service yet sadly getting a third-class performance, which is simply not good enough. Whilst in a perfect world past performances would continue; Yes Response have always advocated it would be preferential for a reliable and robust service over 4-5 days rather than an unreliable service over 6 days.

Postal based direct marketing is a cost effective and impactful marketing tool to drive footfall into bricks and mortar businesses and indeed generating online sales. Research has proven than direct mail is easier to process mentally than email and thereby giving a longer engagement and a massive 70 per cent increase in brand recall.

Yes Response can deliver a timely and cost effective one-stop print, personalise, mail solution for our clients and prospective clients. Fully costed proposals can be submitted without obligation.