We deliver on time, on budget.

At Yes Response, we complete projects for a variety of clients

across a broad range of industries and sectors.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of projects

that we have undertaken for our clients.

  • 150  Administered the booking registration and credit card transaction for 150 delegates for a business-to-business seminar.
  • 10,500  Mailed 10,500 housing association tenants advising each of them of their revised monthly rent payments and service charges.
  • 1,500  Outbound telemarketing of 1,500 business prospects to identify the key decision makers and equipment purchase cycles.
  • 2,000  Fulfilled multi-denomination M&S gift vouchers to 2,000 consumers in response to a promotion over a 2 month period.
  • 1,650  Picked and packed and distributed 1,650 POS kits for a European tyre manufacturer.
  • 1,152  Coordinated the timely despatch of 1,152 bottles of beer to 12 London addresses for a series of events.
  • 1,500  Fulfilled 1,500 DVDs in response to a Groupon promotion on behalf of our client, a photography instructor.
  • 25  Photographing, documentation and labelling of 25 exhibition display systems to enable easy identification and for ease of booking by our clients’ field force.
  • 7,000 Completion of a complex and time-sensitive mailing to 7,000 prospective students at Valentine’s Day. The mailing, which was completed in 4 days, included multiple elements that had to be hand-matched and needed to land on February 14th – no earlier and no later.
  • 1,000 Design, data processing and despatch of an email to over 1,000 prospects inviting them to an industry event.
  • 3,000  Completed a customer satisfaction survey with 3,000 residents of a national care home provider with over 70 locations – provided a user-friendly summary of findings to management highlighting key areas for improvement.
  • 9,950  Collated and mailed 9,950 membership communication packs for a local tourist attraction. Packs included a ‘What’s On’ leaflet of upcoming events, a personalised letter and an insert supporting a local charity.
  • 4,250  Data sourcing, print sourcing and management and despatch of an urgent postcard to invite residents in an area to a consultation.
  • 5,000  Data capturing, order verification and fulfilment of 5,000 pairs of tights in response to an on-pack promotion.
  • 8,000  Mailed out 8,000 travel brochures for a specialist rail travel holiday company.
  • 3,000  Laser printed, in colour, 3,000 personalised rent and service tenant agreements for a regional housing association and mailed within 24 hours.