Mail creates an instinctive value between the sender and recipient.  A recent Royal MailReach research looked into what mail means to consumers and businesses. 39% of consumers said they  had a place in their home where mail was displayed. An average of 23% of mail is shared in the household with 21% of promotions and special offers being shared. A high percent of 57% was put on people feeling valued by mail creating a great relationship between the consumer and brand.

Mail also has an emotional effect with 38% of respondents saying that the contents of the mail can influence how they respond and feel about the sender. Brand awareness can be reinforced through mail in a strong way which is proved by 60% of consumers in the survey stating that the senders brand stays in the mind and is easily triggered. This is also reinforced by the fact that mail on average is kept in the household for 17 days for advertising mail, with door drops, bills and statements lasting for up to 38 days.  This shows how a single piece of mail on entering the household can present multiple opportunities to be seen and remembered for weeks.

Mail makes money and is highly effective at delivering ROI.  To the consumer it is still very much valued and a wanted service creating feelings of emotion and communication.

Yes Response actively promote multi-channel communications to client’s customers and prospects, and still see a long term role for print based direct marketing.

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