Busy third quarter

Yes Response has had an exceptionally busy third quarter, completing a large number of mailing and fulfilment projects including:

  • Laser printing and hand matching 3 personalised documents to 2,500 housing association tenants, mailing them out within 24 hours.
  • Laser printing and mailing out a 14 month wall planner to 10,250 customers.
  • The coordination and fulfilment of a new range of branded clothing to a field force of 35, with each person requesting variable sizing, colour and styles and personalised embroidery.
  • Laser printing and mailing out quarterly rent statements and newsletters to 10,500 housing association tenants.
  • Successful completion of a 4 month outgoing telemarketing plan to 1,150 business to business customer records to verify contact details and ascertain buying intentions over the next 12 months. This campaign generated 35 qualified sales leads, which ultimately contributed to 3 sales of high value capital equipment.
  • Laser printing 6 different versions of a carrier sheets across 10 databases, with variable inserts to a total of 12,000 prospective customers for a travel company.
  • Commencing the coordination and bulk distribution of 2013 calendars to multiple worldwide locations. This project involves complex customs documentation for numerous locations, and ensuring the deliveries are cost effective and timely!

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