A new technology is being trialled by Amazon to be able to deliver your parcels and place safely in your home or secure place. With over 30 million failed deliveries last Christmas being reported this latest technology from Amazon would certainly help solve the problem. This new method of delivery would also allow customers to choose the option of no packaging on their items thus reducing the over use of cardboard packaging! Another idea Amazon is also trialling is to have parcels delivered straight to the boot of your car. This would include a connectivity box being fitted to your car which can then be accessed by the delivery driver.

Yes Response prides themselves on being efficient with packaging. We re-use and recycle suitably sized packaging to minimise client costs and to help the environment. This packaging ethos also reduces costs of deliveries. Yes Response ensures that all deliveries are well packaged neatly and securely to minimise the risk of damage of the goods in transit.

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