With Covid 19 having a massive impact on the UK economy and indeed  consumer behaviour  it’s no surprise that this has had a massive impact on the Royal Mail.

From the Royal Mail’s latest trading update  they have released the following data;

The  number of addressed  letters sent this April (March 30-May 3) fell by 33%. Of which only 5% are private correspondence by the public.

An increase in parcel volumes  by 31%.

The Royal Mail’s  annual turnover  was 7.6 billion pounds and was made up as follows ; marketing mail 994 million pounds , letters 2.9 billion pounds and parcels 3.7 billion pounds. These figures pose a massive problem for the Royal Nail as their infrastructure and processes were predominantly geared to delivering letters!

Yes Response clients have understandably paused direct mail (with the exception of Covid 19 related communications), however, as and when the lockdown lifts and economic activity begins to recover Yes Response are expecting a sudden spike in direct marketing campaigns.

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